Do you 301 redirect the losing page after declaring the winner?

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If you’ve played with Simple Page Tester you’ll be familiar with the concept that we create a “variation” page during test setup which has a different permalink.

Visitors are redirected through the main URL and either stay on the main URL or are 302 Temporary redirected based on what page in the test has been randomly selected for viewing.

We utilise 302 temporary redirects to shuffle visitors to the variation from the master based on the recommendations from Google in their webmaster guidelines regarding split testing. Their crawlers are smart enough to understand when a split test is being conducted and any SEO value should remain on the Master after the test concludes.

We recommend you do not linking directly to the variation from anywhere including internal pages, external pages, social media, etc.

The variation page is permanently deleted after you click “Declare Winner” on your test (see why here) so if you wish to redirect the variation URL we recommend doing this via a .htaccess rule or setting up a plugin like Redirection plugin to handle this.

We do not maintain a list of old URLs for redirects as tests can be recreated on the same page and it’s very hard to capture all use cases where this might apply and ensure that there are no conflicts.