7 Trust Factors of a Highly Converting Landing Page

Have you ever thought about that biggest component that helps online marketers achieve success with their landing pages? Well, it’s ‘TRUST.  As soon as visitors arrive on your landing page, they will spend roughly 5 seconds to decide whether they should stay or leave. In those few seconds, you have got the critical task of […]

How to Leverage the Power of Customer Testimonials for More Conversions (or Sales)

People can easily influence people, right? For a prospect, a recommendation from one of his trusted friends works really powerfully. That’s exactly why the power of customer testimonials should never be underestimated. While many of the online marketers would make up fake testimonials, many others are wise enough to list only those testimonials that come […]

What is your customer’s primary objective?

When you’re constructing a landing page to split test with there are a number of variables you need to consider before starting testing. Once of these is understanding what your customer’s objectives and motivations are for buying your product or service. The objective your customer has depends on two things: The product or service you’re […]

The 3 Steps to a Better Landing Page

A landing page does a great job by ‘converting visitors into customers’ so that you generate more leads and earn more money. There’s both ‘art’ and ‘science’ in creating a landing page that really converts well. You might have read multiple articles on landing page design. You may have also accumulated plenty of tips, advices […]

How to Calculate Your Split Testing Results

It’s good if your landing page looks highly attractive. But what actually matters at the end of the day is the rate of conversion. In fact, you need to analyze both the rate of click-throughs and conversion so that you have a clear picture of how your landing page is actually performing. Thanks to split […]