How To Split Test In WordPress Without Editing A Single Line Of Code

Split testing is one of those activities that has always been easy to explain, but hard to implement.

It involves setting up two pages that are almost identical, but testing one component of that page to see if a variation on the current theme will increase conversion rates.

It is something that webmasters really need to do to optimize conversions and ensure that their pages are performing as well as they can be.

WordPress Split Testing

In the past, split testing in WordPress has meant you needed to know a little about how the templates hang together in order to insert your split testing code.

It involved copy and pasting javascript from a system usually external to your website.

All this copy and pasting and setting up tests to run in some system away from your website was confusing, and that’s why we decided to simplify it with our plugin.

Split testing pages in WordPress with Simple Page Tester

The barrier to setting up a split test in WordPress was one of the main things we wanted to eliminate.

Using Simple Page Tester, you reduce the whole setup process to the action of clicking one button on the page you want to test.

You can choose to duplicate the page, choose an existing page to test against, or create a blank page and once you’ve chosen your option, Simple Page Tester does the rest of the setup.

All you then need to do is make the changes to your second page and your split test is live.

Benefits of Split Testing Inside WordPress

By keeping everything local to your website Simple Page Tester can setup these split tests in a semi-automated fashion, meaning you can leverage the system to make setup much faster.

It also means you data isn’t stored on any external system which is important to some people and another barrier to entry for traditional split testing.

Lastly, keeping it on your own website means it’s easy to track your split test using your current analytics system. We suggest setting up goals in Google Analytics to track your conversions.