7 Trust Factors of a Highly Converting Landing Page

Have you ever thought about that biggest component that helps online marketers achieve success with their landing pages? Well, it’s ‘TRUST.  As soon as visitors arrive on your landing page, they will spend roughly 5 seconds to decide whether they should stay or leave. In those few seconds, you have got the critical task of impressing the visitors.

And trust is an important part of that impression.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure that your landing pages have the potential to earn visitors’ trust within a few seconds of their arrival. Once visitors look at your site as trustworthy, they will be ready to take the action you want them to take, maximizing the number of leads.

Given below are seven elements that you must have on your landing pages, if you want to build trust quickly.

#1. Professional Design
A salesman must always be well-dressed, right? Your landing page is also like a salesman. So, you need to give it a professional look. The more professional your page looks, the more visitors will believe your story.

Don’t hesitate to spend some money on hiring an experienced web designer, as it will pay you high dividends.

#2. Company Logo
If you want to build trust quickly, you should also make sure that you have unified the branding efforts effectively. Placing your company’s logo helps visitors identify with your brand without much effort.

#3. Awards (and Affiliations)
While building a landing page which brings higher conversions, you should also remember to include all those awards that your company or brand have received, whether online or offline. In case you have affiliations with or are associated with some popular organizations, don’t forget to mention them.

#4. Testimonials
Customer testimonials work really well, but only when you don’t make them up. Desperate online marketers would easily use fake or made-up testimonials to increase trust on their landing pages. Believe me, today’s visitors are smart enough to differentiate between real and fake customer testimonials.

If you don’t have any testimonials yet, ask your customers to write them for you. It’s also a good idea to provide some specific guidelines before you ask some of your best customers to write testimonials for your brand, product or services.

#5. Privacy
A highly converting landing page should always feature the privacy terms and conditions. When people want to do business with you, they are mostly concerned about the security or privacy of their submitted data. Having a privacy policy will eliminate all of their doubts.

#6. Phone Number
Showing your business phone number on the landing page offers two big benefits. First, it tells people you are legitimate. Second, it helps those people who don’t want to go with online transactions. Therefore, never ever miss to include your phone number if you are looking to create trust.

#7. Money-Back Guarantee
If an offer comes along with a money-back guarantee, it quickly eliminates the visitors’ doubts about the usefulness of a product. If it’s possible, you should not miss to offer a refund guarantee on your landing page. However, you should explain the policies clearly.