Split Testing Case Study: An eCourse signup landing page

One task that Simple Page Tester excels at is split testing signup pages. Today, I would like to start sharing with you one of the sites we tested Simple Page Tester on in the beginning, it’s called Teach Yourself Websites.

The subject of our split testing case study

Teach Yourself Websites was founded by Josh Kohlbach at the start of 2010 as an online email delivered course on how to create a website.

It’s been through a few variations and recently received an upgrade to it’s front page design and content. Since the revamp subscription rates shot up which we suspect was due to the more professional look.

Once we established a baseline for subscriptions we decided to conduct a test using Simple Page Tester on the front page of the website to see if we could edge the subscription rate up even higher.

Split testing with Simple Page Tester WordPress plugin made this really easy by duplicating the existing landing page and splitting visitors on a 50/50 basis. This was all achieve with a few clicks.

What we were testing

The main test we wanted to conduct first was whether the addition of a couple of short paragraphs introducing the course more thoroughly would increase subscription rates or decrease them.

Implementing this change without split testing it first would be like a shot in the dark akin to gambling.

So what did our two variations look like?


Split Test Original


Split Test Variation

Stay Tuned

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing two follow up posts to this split testing case study including how we tracked signups on each of the pages and of course the results of our little test and how easy it was to implement the changes using Simple Page Tester.

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Have a case study of your own you’d like to share? Split testing really lets you harness cause and effect and see if your changes are making a difference, buy Simple Page Tester and contact us with your case study and we’ll feature it on the blog.