Simple Page Tester 1.4.0 Released – Test Pausing, Variation Archiving, and more

Hello split testing lovers!

We’re excited to release a new version of Simple Page Tester free version today, dubbed 1.4.0.

It’s a feature packed release that we’ve been hanging onto for quite a while and it’s sure to satisfy a lot of the feature requests we’ve had coming in over the last couple of months.

Among a number of minor bug fixes there are some notable features (see the changelog for all bug fixes & features):

Plugin Tour

We added a special tour on plugin activation that guides new users through the plugin’s features.

This is mainly to help people get up to speed quicker with how to operate the plugin and make the on-boarding process a little smoother for new users.

Separate View/Visitor Metrics

For a long time one of the number #1 complaints about SPT has been the wording surrounding our views metrics.

They were previously called unique views in an attempt to express that this is the total number of views that the variation has experienced whether they’re unique or not.

We decided to tidy up the wording of this and also introduce a new key metric “Unique Views”.

So from now on you should have two metrics on your split test dashboard: “Total Views” which is the total number of views the variation has experienced and also “Unique Views” which shows only how many unique visitors have seen the variation.

Archiving Tests

Another long awaited feature is the ability to archive test variations after completing a test.

Previously the losing variation was deleted by default, but after consideration this is probably taking the simplification process that we preach a bit too far. So we’ve opted for making the default behaviour as follows:

If the winning variation was the Master page and you click on Declare Winner, it will basically stop and the delete the test, but keep the two variations in-tact. It’s then up to you to review the Variation and decide if you want to keep it. Traffic will now flow to the pages as regular pages (not via SPT at all).

If the winning variation is the Variation page and you click on Declare Winner, it will keep both variations, but swap their slugs around. So the Variation now gets the old Master’s slug and the old Master now gets the Variation’s slug. It will then keep both pages and traffic will now flow to the pages as regular pages (not via SPT at all).

This is the default behaviour, but there is of course the option to change back to deleting the losing variation after the winner is declared. You’ll find the option to control this behaviour on each split test’s edit screen on the right hand side under split test options.

Pausing Tests

It is now possible to “pause” a test which basically means that your test will not be running until you re-enable it again.

Paused tests shuffle all traffic to the “Master” and do not record visits or conversions.

We Hope You Enjoy The Release

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Simple Page Tester free, remember if you have any issues with the free version please visit the forums on