The Role of Colors in Increasing Landing Page Conversion

While creating a landing page, you spend so much time deciding on the essential elements and where each of them should be placed. You see to it that the most important message is well above the fold. But how much time do you spend on choosing the colors for your landing page? And when you do so, how do you actually pick those colors? If you don’t know, colors play a vital role in impacting the landing page conversion.

There are a lot of online marketers who end up picking the wrong colors for their landing pages, which drives away visitors quickly and reduces the rate of conversion to a great extent. That is why it’s important to know what colors can do for you and how you choose those that work best for you.

Different Colors, Different Meanings
Before you start to design your landing page, you should clearly understand what each of the popular colors stands for. Each different color conveys a specific message to your visitors. If you are not aware of it, you might send a signal which you don’t actually want to convey.

Have a look –

Blue symbolizes loyalty and sincerity.
Red symbolizes excitement, energy and strength.
Green symbolizes prosperity, wealth and health.
Orange symbolizes passion and security.
Black symbolizes sophistication.
Pink symbolizes romance and feminine.

Likewise, there are several other popular colors, each of which conveys a unique message to the visitor. Psychologically, each popular color is associated with a specific kind of feeling. When you are planning to create a landing page that converts really well, you should keep colors and their associations at the top of your mind. With this knowledge about colors, you’ll never end up sending the wrong message to the target audience.

The meaning of colors is, however, not the only thing that you should keep in mind. One of the most important things that you should never forget about is readability. While choosing colors for your landing page, you should go only for contrasting color combinations so that readability is not affected. The content that you place on your landing page must be clearly visible to the eye. If your visitors have trouble in reading those messages, you will lose them forever.

The font color of the text and the color of the background should be in contrast with each other while complimenting each other as well. Most importantly, the color of the call-to-action buttons should be chosen in a way that stands out and creates urgency among the visitors.

Don’t Forget to A/B Test!
Though it is wise to choose colors according to their meanings while focusing on readability, you should never forget to test. Conducting an A/B test will help you choose a color version that makes the most impact. So, you can create two different versions (that use different colors) and run a split test to find out which colors convert visitors the best.

It’s not just the message or the copy that will help you achieve a higher rate of conversion for your landing pages. Among many factors that influence the customers’ behavior, colors (the most significant in terms of visual cues) play a vital role. So, make sure you pick the right colors.

Does your landing page use the right colors? Please feel free to share your opinions and knowledge on this issue.