3 Simple Questions for Building a Good Landing Page

Only a higher number of visits is not all that you expect when you create a landing page, right? When people visit your landing page, what you actually want is to encourage them to take a desired action. A landing page is like a fishing net that you cast to get a good catch. But if you are unable to get a good catch (i.e. convert the maximum number of visitors), your landing page is of no use. So, how do you actually build a landing page that’s good enough to convert?

When you decide to create a landing page, there are three simple questions that need to focus on. By keeping these three questions at the top of your mind, you’ll make sure that the time you spend on building a landing page brings you results rather than being wasted altogether.

The three questions that I’m talking about include –

#1. What’s the Offer?
This is where the story begins. Every landing page presents visitors with an offer they can’t resist. An offer is simply anything that you provide your visitors with in return for what you ask them to do. Now, this offer can be anything, from coupons and discounts to a free version of a product.

While putting together an offer for visitors, you should always do it in a way that pulls the latter deeper into the conversion funnel.

Once you have planned or worked out an attractive offer, you should also be ready to present it in a compelling manner. Apart from explaining your offer in an easy way, you’ll need to create some sense of urgency with it. Therefore, it’s vital to design your offer attractively enough, so that you can encourage more and more visitors to go after the same, at the very first glance.

What’s more important to remember in this regard is that you focus on just one solid offer rather than presenting too many offers. Making a decision becomes tougher for visitors when they see many offers.

#2. What’s Your Value Proposition or USP?
In order to make your offer highly saleable and the earn the trust of visitors as well, you must also talk about the USP of your product. Unless you are ready to explain why your offer is important or a unique one, you won’t be able to compel visitors to go for it. So, ask yourself – if I was my customer, why would I be buying a product like this? These reasons will help you craft your value proposition.

The best idea, in fact, is to think of the USP(s) in advance, as it will allow you to build them into the product. Depending on the niche you belong to, you can do some competitive research and come up with a couple of unique selling propositions to be built into your offer or product.

So, find a way to be unique.

#3. What Do You Want the Visitor to Do Next?
Once you have explained the offer and compelled the visitor to go for it through your USPs, it’s time to tell them what to do next. This is what we call the CTA or the Call to Action. While creating the CTA, therefore, you should ensure it’s easy for visitors to understand quickly. If your CTA isn’t clear, you are very likely to lose the visitor even if they liked your offer.

Regardless of what you want the visitor to do on your landing page, you need to make your call to action crystal clear as well as well-placed. CTA should always be designed and placed in a way that they attract the visitors’ attention quickly.

Do you think you have built your landing page keeping all these three questions in mind? Feel free to comment.