How to Leverage the Power of Customer Testimonials for More Conversions (or Sales)

People can easily influence people, right? For a prospect, a recommendation from one of his trusted friends works really powerfully. That’s exactly why the power of customer testimonials should never be underestimated. While many of the online marketers would make up fake testimonials, many others are wise enough to list only those testimonials that come from their customers.

But that’s not enough.

Testimonials are social proof for a landing page. However, you need to use them with wisdom and care. When you want to persuade prospects to buy a product or service that you sell, you should always remember to list only those real testimonials that you think will make a cut.

Listing the most effective testimonials can quickly increase the rate of conversion for your landing pages.

So, how do you know which customer testimonials to use?

First and foremost, you need to have a microscopic look at the profile of your prospects. What do they do? What industry do they belong to? What’s their profession or occupation? What’s their geographical location? When you know what your prospects look like, you’ll be able to feature testimonials from relevant customers, those customers that are similar to your prospects.

For example, if your prospects are doctors, you should be careful enough to list testimonials from doctors itself. You can strike relevance even in terms of the geographical location of your prospects.

Just be relevant!

Particulars or Specifics
In order to get the most out of your customer testimonials, you also need to include those with specifications. When you take a closer look at all of your submitted customer testimonials, you’ll find many that carry specifications like time period or percentage of increase in sales among others.

Testimonials carrying specifications make the most impact. So, choose them carefully to increase landing page conversion quickly.

Customer Information
Your customers are not aliens. If someone is really your customer, you must know at least a couple of things about them. Rather than featuring only the name of the customer against a specific testimonial, try to include details like their names, job titles and locations. If possible, you can also include your customers’ phone numbers. This makes your testimonials look amazingly real.

Also, don’t make the mistake of including only the initials in place of a customer’s full name. This is something you should avoid at all cost.

Customer testimonials work best only when they look real. If you are really serious about increasing the conversions for your landing page, you should go one step ahead and add the photographs of your customers as well.

While adding pictures or photographs to your testimonials, you should always make sure they are of high quality. Images included with fake testimonials are usually blurry or hazy. Today’s prospects are smart enough to see through such deceptive tactics. Brace yourself!

Adding customer testimonials is a great way of increasing the weight of your landing page and making a strong impact on prospects. Use testimonials only to influence prospective customers rather than adding them only because everyone else is doing so. Unless you are able to build credibility with testimonials, there’s no point in using them at all.

It’s time to take a closer look at your testimonials page and start tweaking it right away for more sales. Are you ready?