How to Create a Landing Page That Really Wins

Do you know what the single most effective way of generating more leads or sales quickly is? Without a bit of a doubt – a ‘landing page’! A landing page makes it possible because it’s designed to target a specific audience. However, creating a landing page that’s a surefire winner is not a child’s play. Apart from knowing the basics, you also need to become well aware of those critical elements that turn a landing page into an effective lead generation tool.

Given below are some of the most important tips that you can use to create a highly converting landing page.

#1. Focus on Just ‘One’ Action

A greatly designed landing page should instantly tell the visitor what it’s about. Within a few seconds, the user should be able figure out what they need to do. If the action to be taken is not obvious instantly, you have a high risk of losing a lot of potential visitors. Would you ever want to lose visitors?

If you don’t want to drive away visitors, you need to make your landing page highly actionable. More importantly, you need to make sure you have only ‘one specific action’ in your mind while designing the page.

If you focus on too many actions, you can easily confuse visitors as they won’t be able to decide what the best way to go is. So, the rule of the thumb is – one action, one landing page. Got it?

#2. Build Trust

The biggest reason that prevents visitors from converting is that they have many fears and objections. You may drive tons of traffic to your landing page, but you can’t convert them without earning their trust. Therefore, the second most important step in landing page creation is to make it as much trustworthy as possible. But do you know how to build trust?

Here’re a couple of tips –

  • Put your real/ physical address
  • Display your phone number
  • Use trust seals and symbols
  • Include a privacy policy
  • Also mention reviews, testimonials and awards
  • Offer a money-back guarantee (if possible)

Whether or not your landing page builds trust will make a huge difference to your rate of conversion.

#3. Conduct a Split-Test

If you want to ensure the best ROI, conducting a split or A/B test is just the right way to go. To get started, you can create yet another version of the original landing page. In the second version, you can make changes to vital elements like the title, headings, introductory paragraph, call to action, images, hyperlinks, pricing and offer among others. Changing the location of these elements can affect the rate of conversion. So, be ready to experiment and go with the version that makes the most impact.

There are different types of split testing tools (both free and paid) that you can use to set up the test. ‘Simple Page Tester’ is a useful tool that you can use to compare the two versions (original and the new) of the landing page. It’s highly recommended, as it’s pretty easy to use and accurate.

Does your landing page convert really well? Please feel free to share your views and opinions in the comment section below.