Simple Page Tester Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the Simple Page Tester affiliate program. We’re happy to offer our affiliate partners the opportunity to share in the revenues from Simple Page Tester Premium sales.

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Affiliate Program Details

We currently pay our affiliates a generous 30% of the total transaction for any sales you refer to us.

Payments are processed on a monthly basis (between the 15th and 20th of each month) with no minimum payout threshold required.

How Do I Sign Up?


If you are not an affiliate yet, you can join the Simple Page Tester affiliate program by filling out the following form:

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Affiliate Program FAQs

“How long does the affiliate cookie last?”

The affiliate cookie lasts for 15 days, unless deleted manually by the buyer or replaced with the affiliate cookie of a second affiliate.

“I’ve written a review of Simple Page Tester, can you help promote it?”

We’re very interested in people who feature our plugin for reviews, case studies and tools of the trade/blueprint type pages. Please drop us a link if you do a write up via the contact page and we may be able to assist in promoting your review.

“Do you give away free copies/review copies of Simple Page Tester Premium to affiliates?”

No, sorry we don’t give away free copies or review copies of our plugin as the affiliate program is open to anyone to join and this would put us out of business pretty quick. If you want a copy of Simple Page Tester Premium you will need to pay for it.

“Can I click on my own affiliate link to purchase and be awarded commission?”

You can click on your own link, but you will not be compensated for any sales from yourself. Additionally, if you’re caught doing this you may have your affiliate status revoked without notice.