Here’s What You Normally Have To Do When A/B Split Testing Your Website

Normal Split Testing Process

What a pain in the neck!

Check out how easy it is to get a split test up and running
using the Simple Page Tester WordPress plugin

Just Three Simple Steps…

Simple Page Tester Split Testing Process


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This Revolutionary WordPress Split Testing Plugin Is …

Fast Split TestingSuper Fast To Setup

Setting up an A/B split test with Simple Page Tester WordPress plugin is super simple.

Just install the free plugin from (download here), navigate to the edit screen of the page you want to split test and press the “Setup Split Test” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Our smart menu will guide you through the rest of the setup process and all you need to do is make your changes on your variation and your split test is up and running.

SEO Friendly Split TestingSEO Friendly

A lot of people are concerned about how split testing will effect their search engine rankings.

We’ve followed the webmaster best practices set out by our friendly internet overlords (Google) to make Simple Page Tester 100% compatible with their suggestions.

No more wondering if this long running split test is going to change your rankings.

Split Test AnalyticsAnalytical

In the premium edition we have built in conversion tracking and have crazy good breakdowns of how well your split test is going and along with automatic statistical confidence calculations.

The free edition is and always will be compatible with Google Analytics so you can conduct very sophisticated analysis of your results by using their excellent Goals system and online calculators.

Cache Compatible Split Test PluginCache Compatible

We know many of you use caching plugins and that’s always been a bit of a problem for split testing.

If you’re running a caching plugin, you have no need to worry with Simple Page Tester as it has been built to run side-by-side with caching solutions. Just exclude the test pages from your cache for the duration of the test.